• Wholesalers

    The EZGO walker ball adds an attractive, affordable option to your DME lineup

  • Tripping on rugs and carpets: a major source of serious injuries in the home.

    The EZGO Walker Ball moves better over the bumps and hazardous edges.

  • Less friction and scraping on rugs and carpets

    The EZGO Walker Ball’s smooth polyethylene surface rides over hazardous bumps and edges with ease.

  • Protection from germs is always important.

    Only the EZGO Walker Ball with GermBLOCK™ gives you antimicrobial protection.

  • DSC_2660 (2) 96dpi 50pct

    Laser precision puts the “easy” in EZGO

    Uniquely designed cuts allow easy application and removal with the rubber tips of the walker in place.

A better walker ball.

The EZGO™ walker ball is an high-value addition to the Durable Medical Equipment line of any distributor, reseller or retailer. We also sell in bulk to institutions, such as hospitals and treatment centers. Its unique advantages to the end-user include enhanced movement and control, safety, and convenience when compared to other walker accessory products. What's more, the EZGO walker ball offers antimicrobial protection. This is important, because the ease and convenience of removal and application makes it a better choice. Infection from harmful germs  is a key concern for the end-user, especially in a healthcare setting. The EZGO is a better walker ball!

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