Protection from germs

harmful germs magnified

Illustration of harmful bacteria magnified 2000x

The EZGO walker ball’s design and construction offers two-way antimicrobial protection.


A smooth surface

The fuzzy fabric covering of a tennis ball provides an ideal haven for germs, including harmful bacteria such as E. coli and streptococcus, as well as mold, mildew and other fungi. The smooth surface of the EZGO walker ball serves as a deterrent to germs in its own right, as it is difficult for germs to adhere and take hold in the first place.

Built-in antimicrobial protection

The EZGO is exclusively made with GermBLOCK™, a powerful yet safe additive that kills germs and harmful mold, mildew and fungi—making the EZGO walker ball perfect for use in hospitals, and nursing homes—anywhere infection and disease is a concern.

How GermBLOCK works

How GermBLOCK works


GermBLOCK is a revolutionary new antimicrobial protection that prevents bacteria and other harmful germs from reproducing themselves. It does this by penetrating the cell wall and disabling their DNA.


The safe, non-toxic GermBLOCK ingredient is added during the manufacturing process—the EZGO’S antimicrobial properties are built in and cannot be washed or worn away. Its protection will last for the life of the product.