Safety and Performance

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The EZGO™ Walker ball helps prevent falling accidents in the home.

Along with accidents while bathing or showering, falls from tripping on the edges of rugs and carpets are a major cause of serious injuries in the home, especially for those with mobility-related challenges.

The problem with tennis balls

A tennis ball does not offer smooth low-resistance movement over rugs and carpets—the woolly fibers of the tennis ball create friction when dragged over other fiber surfaces—friction means more effort to maneuver, as well as the build-up of static electricity. When moving from bare floors to rugs and carpets, a tennis ball can catch on the edge and cause a fall, especially when rugs and floor colors are similar, and when lighting is poor. 

 The EZGO walker ball glides easily over the transition from floor to rugs and carpets because of its unique construction— of 100% smooth, self-lubricating polyethylene plastic. It’s also lightweight, adding practically nothing to the weight of the walker itself.

Where plastic glides and skis fall short

While expensive plastic glides and slides move better on rugs and carpets than tennis balls, they don’t have the ideal shape to manage the edges, or places the rug may have bunched or folded from the absence of a rug pad or from moving and adjusting furniture, or even routine household tasks like vacuuming. Lively, playful children and pets can inadvertently displace or bunch rugs and turn edges. These hazards can await unseen when the rug or carpet has an intricate pattern, is of a dark color, or when lights are low. 

Flat glides that attach to the end of the walker leg offer movement with less friction, but less tripping protection. By not lifting the walker’s back legs over the bump or edge, you might “catch” it with the end of the leg itself, or the front tip of the ski and suffer a fall. The higher the bump or edge, the more likely this is to occur.

The EZGO Walker Ball glides up and over obstructions with minimal resistance—due to its round shape and higher (three-inch) profile.  Because the EZGO Walker Ball weighs only 13 grams, it adds practically no weight to the walker leg itself. What it does add is a form and shape to the end of the walker leg that gives you —the sliding ability of plastic, and a higher, rounded shape that slides up and over bumps and edges.