Chairs, tables and more

Seniorin mit Rollator bei Physiotherapie

The EZGO™ walker ball can be added to chairs, tables, and other furniture—in hospitals, retirement homes and other care facilities—as well as schools, churches and other organizations.

Why not apply easy, noise free) movement, scuff-mark prevention, and protection from harmful germs to your chair and table inventory?

CUSTOM SIZINGBulk 250 green main

Our standard EZGO is made to fit a one-inch (1″) round diameter leg.

Does your furniture inventory have legs that are square, larger, or smaller? We can custom cut an EZGO to fit your chair and table inventory.

Bulk 100 yellow main


Have a special color scheme, school or holiday need? We can do that too. Call us to discuss how EZGO can transform your classroom, meeting hall, or gym into a color scheme to match any occasion!

100 and 250 count bulk boxes are available. Please contact us for more information.